7 Steps To Exploding Your Internet Sales

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In this article you will learn the six basic steps that will
explode your Internet sales, whether you’re promoting your
own offer or someone elses.

1. Pick a Market

If you already have a niche, skip to step 2.

Otherwise, the key to finding a niche is to research what’s
already being sold; what people are already buying.

Go to Clickbank.com/marketplace and search the various niche
categories and sort by “gravity”. This will tell you the
products that are getting the most sales.

Go to pulse.ebay.com and look through the most searched products.
This will give you a quick glance as to what people are looking
to buy. Also see their “completed items” category.

Go to Amazon and search their “best sellers” list in the books

You can also go to Magazines.com and look through their listings.
If “demand” is high enough (in any niche) to support a magazine,
then it’s an indicator that it has high profitability.

2. Pick a Product

When you have picked a specific market, now it is time to select
a product. Just choose one for now.

Go to Clickbank.com’s marketplace and search products with the
highest gravity in any niche to instantly see what people are
already buying. This will show you what’s “in demand” ASAP.

3. Build an Autoresponder Series

You’re going to research the product’s benefits and create an
email series that pre-sells the product. You can get this info

Are you making this HUGE mistake?

In the last message you learned why it’s important for
you to follow up with your potential customers and
existing customers, and how you can develop a better
relationship with those customers.

But the truth is, most people aren’t doing this and
the people that are following up aren’t doing it right.

Developing a relationship that feels like a personal
one-on-one relationship to your customer is the secret
that will give you success that will make your
competitors envious.

But the BIGGEST mistake most people make when sending
e-mail, is trying to sell them in your e-mail on anything
other than “the click”.

If you’re doing this, you must stop ASAP.

I can’t tell you how many emails I see that go on and
on and on… trying to do the job of a salesletter.

BIG mistake!

The take away from this…

Stop trying to sell a product in the e-mail.

Sell your customer on just simply clicking through to
the website that will sell the product.

The same technique applies whether you’re writing
PPC ads, writing Resource Boxes in articles, etc.

Your sole purpose is to “sell the click” and let the
salesletter do it’s job.


Promoting Tips Email Deliverability – Part 1

Today, I’m starting a 5-part series all about Email
Deliverability. You’ll receive 1 lesson every other
day. I would suggest saving each lesson to a folder
by the same name as the series.

Let’s get started…

For marketers, emailing is a huge part of what you do.
If people aren’t getting your emails, you’re ‘dead in
the water’.

There are some reasons why your email might not make
it to who you wanted it to.

>> The email server could be down

>> The email address could be invalid

>> and worse of all, it might be filtered

When an email is not recieved because the server is
down or the address is invalid you are notified of its
lack of delivery.

When an email is filtered, you have no idea if your
email actually made it through or not.

There are a few huge factors that affect Filtering:

>> Company Reputation 77%

>> Content 17%

>> Links 6%

Those are the top 3 factors a spam filter searches for
when filtering emails and deciding if your email is
spam or not.

Another option is an auto responder server. Make sure
you’re not sharing the server. You don’t want to be
associated with spammers.

A great way to find out what exactly filters search
for when filtering emails, you can take a look at your
own junk folder and look for common elements. Be sure
to keep those elements away from your marketing emails.


P.S. By the end of this week I will teach you more
about optimizing your emails for deliverability than
you could have ever imagined possible.


Promoting Tips] Email Deliverability – Part 2

When sending out emails to your marketing lists you
definitely don’t want to look like spam. There are
some easy ways to keep yourself from appearing like a

1. Don’t Use The Recipient’s First Name in The Subject

2. Always include a From line

3. Do not use excessive punctuation

4. Don’t send attachments

5. Don’t sentences in ALL CAPS

These are the top tactics that most spammers use to
get attention and make people read their emails.

Auto-Filters aren’t the only way that your emails
might be blocked from being put in the inbox and
admitted straight to the spam folder.

Users can also make changes to their filters to block
>> Specific Email Addresses >> Specific Words or

>> Links or Images

>> Addresses not in their Address Book

>> Encoding Settings

>> Attachments

There are also different types of filters called
Trained Content Filters. These filters learn from user
selections and create their own schemas that figure
out what is unwanted according to their users.

That’s it today.

I’ll send over Part 3 in 2 days.


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