How to Make Money From Blog Website by Popular Ways

Hello Everybody. I am writing about more important thing for blog or website owners. Lots of people send email personally to write about it. I know you are waiting to hear about my word. Today I am going writing about “How to make money from blog or website”. I told you lots of people mailed me and they asked about it. They have a website or blog but they cannot earn money from blog or website. Ok do not wait, let’s go to see how to make money from blog or website.

Top ways to make money from blog or website

PPC Advertising Network

PPC advertising is more popular earning way to make money for blog or website owners and google adsense is the more renowned advertising network in others. You can work in this easily. Just you sing up in the ppc advertising network and copy the code from there, after that paste the code in your site and earn money by clicking.  PPC advertising depends on the website’s traffic. There are two essential things one is click-through rate (CTR) and another cost per click (CPC). In bellow some PPC Advertising Network sites list:



CPM Advertising Network:

CPM means cost per mile. CPM advertising network is same ppc network which is pay you by the number of page views, the ad show you on your site. CPM rate depend on the cpm network and position of ads. The batter network pay you higher rate with put the ad to top of page. You get $0.1 to $10 per 1000 views. If 100000 visitors come to your site per month you can earn $100 each month or more. The list of popular CPM advertising networks:

Direct Banner Advertising:

Banner advertising is the more popular way to make money from blog or website. You sell Ads space in your own blog or website. You can select price for ads by your own mind. Normally price is deferent for deferent ads space. The most popular banner formats on the web are the 728×90 leader board, the 120×600 skyscraper, the 300×250 rectangle and the 125×125 button.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is more popular word in the world. Lots of people earn big amount of money from it. At first you sing up in affiliate network then you sell your affiliate products or services for getting commission by your blog or website. You can write review about your affiliate products or services in your site or directly show your products link ads. More popular affiliate network list is bellow:

 Monetization Widgets

Monetization widget is the latest way for blog or website. Monetization widget is simply a script that will get displayed for your web page as a widget. There are a few companies that present such kind of widgets. A few of them work like pay-per-click ads, text lick commercials, and even like affiliate hyperlinks. All of them would work in a further manner, but all of them furnish you with a possibility to monetize your website. Monetization widget is more important for blog or website because Visitors will hold coming to your weblog is they respect the content being posted there and also you must be careful not to have too many commercials or widgets. List of monetization widgets sites list:

Reviews writing are more famous and fast way to make money from blog or website. A sponsored review is writing reviews about product or other by payment in your blog or website. Sponsored reviews share 50% of the total income of the blog or website earning. The main earning sources are banners and paid reviews. You can earn $5 to $1M from sponsored reviews. If your blog has a big audience you could also offer sponsored reviews directly, cutting off the commissions of the middleman. List of sponsored reviews and paid blogging networks:


You can earn money from donations. You set donation link or bottom in your website or blog. If your blog or website is more helpful for reader, reader donates money for your blog or website.

Pop-ups and Pop-unders

Pop-ups are an original but stressful form of promoting on the internet. If you’re simply seeking to make so much money as viable out of your website, you would scan with them.

If you are seeking to develop the site visitors and generate loyal visitors, nonetheless, you mainly will have to steer clear of them. Just take into account the countless numbers of pop-up blockers in the market: there’s a rationale why they are so popular. Some Pop-ups site list

Selling the Website

Selling your web site can make you very rich, or it could be just a pleasing retirement fund. Something it’s miles, it may be a super way to get a large lump sum of cash.

Generally, web sites promote for 12 – 24 months sales, but if your website online is old, has something precise about it or is the authority in your enterprise then you could expect any parent you need. I have seen some blogs pass for over two hundred years revenue and it didn’t even make $120000 a year. Paintings difficult and it’ll pay off.

It’s far critical to do not forget in case you offered your web page for two years sales and it made $5000 a month. To earn that quantity of cash it may take you 6 or 7 years because of expenses and taxes. Additionally you need to don’t forget how long it took you to construct your business, if it took you 12 months to build your blog and it’s now really worth $120000 and you made $60,000 this remaining year.

That I’d say might be a completely profitable 12 months! in case you’re already at the stage where you could sell a internet site then head over to Flippa, this web site permits webmasters to promote websites and allow humans to return bid and ask questions. I’ve sold some web sites there before, some for five discern sums.

If you have no website or blog, make it now and start earning money from your website or blog. I think that my article will help you to make money. A web is like a tree if you make it properly one day you will earn lots of money from it.


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