How to make money through selling photo?

Photography is now represented in various artistic ways. So, Photo lovers are today searching the best picture which is captured by defining somebody or anything. The photography competition is now held in many countries and the era of internet, many natural sites also arrange the contest. Besides this, they give an opportunity to sell photo on the sites.

The art or practice of taking and processing photographs is now categorized in many sections.

Such as:

  • Photos of Landscape
  • Pictures of Travel,
  • Pictures of Fine Art
  • Pictures of Architecture
  • Photos of Urban
  • Photos of Rural
  • Pictures of Pattern
  • Interior
  • Pictures of Plant, Animal, Bird, Insect,
  • Photos of Sports,
  • Photos of Event
  • Photojournalism
  • Photos of Industrial, Outdoor, Action, etc.

selling photo

When you want to learn how to make money from selling a picture, you have to enter in the websites because this is not easy to sell photo on the roadsides or in shops without printing it. Most of the time, we are discouraged by printers or publishers, so the right thing is to upload your best photo to the websites and earn the penny. As it is a visual artwork, you should keep in mind that your photography expresses what you feel and your deepest feeling.

Several steps are required to sell your photo

  • First step: You should read several articles about photography and the category of the photographs and read them carefully to categorize your photograph.
  • Sign up your account in stock photo companies. And know their rules.
  • The stock photo companies guideline must be read
  • If they provide any agreement, you should read their terms and condition before signing it.
  • Submit your photos and take time for their comments.
  • After approving your work, your job is taking pictures and sending them to your company.

Review the guideline how to make money from selling photo:

Examine the business guidance and maintain it strictly. They have some principals and rules. As a beginner, keeping the rules are a little bit pain, but with time, you will feel their point of view.

Useful apps for selling Photo:
Alamy: – claims to be the world’s largest stock photo library, earning photographers 50% royalty fee on any images they sell. Photographers sell their photos and over 65 million high-quality stock images. They claim it hassles free, no subscription, no credits, no need to register.
Foap: It is one of the apps that are most friendly for smartphone and i-phone users.  You sell your same photo over and over by the app. Just they charge half in every selling.

According to Foap policy, if any photographer provides a variety of photos, it will enrich photographer portfolio.

123RF – If any photographer likes to start with 123RF and upload lots of images, this could be a right choice for you. Royalty is based on your contributor level. Besides this audio clip, the footage is available here.

At the same time, you can enjoy the similar sites like iStock Photo, SmugMug, Fotolia for ready to receive your work. Most of the time your image may not pass the quality issue of stock companies, but much hard work and continuous clicking camera will find right shots which will help you make money. And try to contribute photos in many sites for increasing the potential of sales


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