How to make money from selling backlinks

Selling backlinks might be a great way of earning. Day by day the numbers of internet marketers or bloggers are increasing. And they have to get a lot of backlinks to get a good position on Google. So they are looking for Selling backlinks services.

Now the question is how you can use this scarcity as an opportunity to start your business. Ok, today I will show you a couple of ways to earn money by selling backlinks.

Selling backlinks

You will find a lot of means to make money by selling backlinks but almost every way is spamming and at the end of the day your buyer will lose their money, and they won’t come to you in future. So your business will not go for the long run.

What is the best way to start the backlink selling business? We have found a lot of ways throughout the web but among those the followings are best way to start.

Make a Gig on Fiverr:

Fiverr is a great market place to start selling backlink services. You have to sell your service for 5$ only. I know you are thinking that 5$ is too little to start a business but you know this is the starting point and you will get a lot of contracts from this marketplace, and almost every backlink business owners started their business from this platform and that is why I am recommending you to start from it. What you have to do:

>> First open an account on Fiverr

>> Then investigate some Gigs related to backlink selling and find what services they are providing

>> after studying properly make your own gig and of course put some extra value so that buyer would be more interested to buy your gig compare to others.

>> Put a clear description when you write your gig copy.

Open Account on Up work

Up work is a marketplace where marketers and entrepreneurs come to hire good backlink service providers. So you can sell your backlinks service on this website.

What you have to do to start work at work:

>> open an account on Up work

>>Qualify the tests taken by Up work (it will enhance your business identity)

>> start to look for jobs related backlink services

>> Start bidding

Although it will take some time get work at work it will give a full-time job. People are earning 3000$ to 10000$ per month by selling backlinks to labour.

Affiliate with sites

You will find a lot of websites who are providing the service of affiliations. If you think that you can make a very good numbers of backlinks then you can contact with them. They will assist you to find out new customers for your services, and that is why they will charge a commission which might be 20% of your earning.

I will recommend you to take this step if you are confident enough because this service should be highly qualified otherwise the affiliate marketplaces won’t accept your proposal.

Creating your website

This is an enterprise approach. You have to start a website through what you will sell your backlink service. What do you sell? For example : you can make 100 backlinks for 25$ and now 250 backlinks for 50$ then you have to make two packages of your service and then write a sales copy on your site then promote the sales copy online. When people will search the backlink services they will find your service sand they will contact you.

People Per Hour

This is a market where to work for hourly income. You will be paid depends on how many hours you have worked. If you can build a good amount of backlinks then open an account there. Buyer will buy your services based on your hourly rate. So if you are a newbie then take 7$ hourly and increase it based on your maturity.

Are you a person who has a basic knowledge of SEO and Link building? Then there is an excellent opportunity for you to make money through buying and selling links.

how you can make money buying and selling backlinks online.

To get higher search engine rankings on Google, a lot of webmasters and niche website owners think that they need to have a lot of backlinks pointing their site. Which is true but there is an exceptional if you write epic content that Google cannot leave but rank on the first page!

Backlinks are links to other people’s websites pointing to another site. When someone links to another person’s site, it shows Google that their website is worth linking to, and so Google gives it a preference for their search engine placements.

The higher the search engine placement, the more publicity a business gets, so a lot of people try hard to get more links to their websites. Because so many people want links, you can profit on this by acting as an intermediary between people who are willing to sell links and individuals who are willing to buy them.

In order for you to purchase and sale links, here are some steps you can take:

    Make yourself aware of the purchase and sale links guidelines

     Market only valuable links (links that have high Page Rank on Google)

     You can also create a website advertising your services.

  • Start promoting your site on social networks, amongst friends, or via other traffic methods (you can outsource a lot of this toBurn Your To Do List if you don’t have the time or know how).
  • Also if you want to build your own high Page Rank blog network, you can invest some money and purchase some high PR sites from a place. Keep in mind there are safe ways of doing this and I might write a guide on how to accurately obtain the high PR sites which has good quality backlink profile which links to them.

How much money can you make out of buying and selling links?

It depends on the amount you charge for connecting people. You can also buy links on your own and then charge people for them, in which you can create your pricing. You can make anywhere from £1 to £100 for a link, depending on how valuable the site is.

Below is absorbing video where these guys talk about buying and selling links.  They discuss if it’s right or wrong? Because according to what we hear, Google doesn’t like it. And they’ve made themselves clear about that.

To end up the writing, I want to say that selling backlink service is very much sensitive profession because if you can’t build strong backlinks, then buyers will not back to you in future so your business or service might die. So when you design your product or service, you have to be more concern about the service. Never try to build low-quality links that would be the sole reason to kill your own business.

So making money by selling backlink is a business of making a huge amount of money. I have seen a lot of people who are earning 7000$ per month by selling backlinks, but they had to work hard to make that amount. So start your learning today so that you can make a good amount one day.




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