How to make money by selling PPC service

PPC service is the short form of Pay per Click. PPC marketing is massive in size. Almost every search engine and social media have the option. These are a paid marketing. Nearly every brand and the company won’t run PPC service campaign to get a proper exposure. Now the question is how one can earn money by selling this service. Ok I will describe the entire process through this article.

PPC service

How many ways to make by selling PPC service

As PPC service is a paid form of marketing so at the very first step, you have to find out which platforms are so much modern I mean people want to spend their money. We have found the following places which are popular among a lot of places:

    Google PPC service

    Facebook PPC service

    Bing PPC service

    Yahoo PPC service

    Twitter PPC service

    Youtube PPC service

Google PPC marketing services

These are one the best PPC service providers. Almost every brand thinks to advertise here. And Google is world’s number 01 search engine, and if anyone can put their advertisement on Google, they will get a lot of traffic which is perfect for every brand. So if you think to sell your PPC service, then Google PPC expertness would be the first one.

Facebook PPC marketing service

Facebook is the name of world’s largest and highest user-centric social media site. And people spend a lot of time here, so brands want to advertise on Facebook’s timeline. But if you are not smart enough on Facebook PPC then you might lose a significant amount of money, so you need to an expert on it.

Bing PPC service

World’s second most popular search engine is Bing, and they also have the same PPC service like Google so you can also be an expert on it.

Twitter PPC marketing

Twitter marketing has become more popular among brands and marketers. So if you could be an expert on it, then you can also sell your services there.

Youtube PPC marketing

Being a part of Google Youtube also has a PPC service where the advertiser has to pay based on the view or impressions. And video advertising is more attractive than text one. So if you could be an expert on Youtube PPC, then you can also sell the service there.

What to do to sell PPC services

Now we have come to the right point that how you could sell your PPC services. Pretend that you are an expert or semi-expert PPC marketer who wants to sell his or her services online. I will show a couple of ways to sell your services which have become most familiar and work worthy as well.

Open Account on Marketplaces

The marketplace is the best way to get works. Most of the buyers are posting their work on different markets. You will get a lot of market places such

    Up work: This is the best market in the world. Every day more than 554 jobs are being posted related to PPC services. So you should open an account there and pass the PPC exams to get works.

    Freelancer: is another healthy marketplace where marketers and brands post their work advertisement. So you should open an account there to get a good number of works.

    Fivrr: Fiverr is a marketplace of 5$, but you could sell your service packages there as well. Most of the digital marketers started their career on this site. People think this is a site for earning 5$ per work which is wrong. You can design own service package for 50$ and more than that.

    PayPerHour: this is another marketplace where everyone is paid for hourly. They are paid based on how many hours they have worked. These are not so much popular like up work or Fiverr, but it is less competitive so one can earn huge from this marketplace.

The markets mentioned above are so much popular among the sellers and buyers so you can sell your PPC services there.

Creating your website

These are the best way to sell PPC services. Most of the PPC marketers use this technique to sell their services. And this is the best way to make you a brand. Now the question is how to do this. I have figured out the outline below:

Purchase a domain

At first, buy a domain by your name or your service. These are very much important because this website is going to be the sales copy of your service. As a result, same domain name has to be concerned.

Design your Web site

After purchasing the domain now, you have to design your website perfectly . Otherwise, you might lose a lot of traffics.

Content Creation

The contents of the website are the essential elements to be sold. So when you have completed your site structure then you have to create such valuable contents which are share-worthy, and people feel good to read that. By creating such expert content people will be starting to like you and gradually you will earn a trust. And you must write about PPC services. You will post several tips and tricks

Website Promotion

If you have completed the above mentioned things well now, you have to promote your site so that people can find you. You must link your website with Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and another network. And you have to create a good relationship with industry experts so that people can identify you with the crowd.

Youtube Video tutorial

People trust them who are the expert on any issues. And Expert people will assist others to get success. So when you are enough experts to run any Ppc service, then you should make a lot of “How to tutorial” on PPC or can make several videos based on the recent upgrades or tips and tricks, and those videos will make you more attractive. You can make a list of videos and make those timely.

Free services

Providing free services to people would be an excellent way to earn people’s trust. When you will give them a free service and they get a good result they won’t forget you. In future, they will come to you to take more services and you can keep them for long term.

Service selling is always very much crucial, but if one could apply some techniques, then it would be a great thing. But you have to be very much expert on it. One can make money by selling various services but earning money by selling PPC service is a critical job as it is a paid marketing. And clients’ budget is directly related with that. So before starting to sell PPC service to earn money you should be more concern.

To end up the article, I would like to say that making money with selling PPC service is a brilliant job compare to other online jobs because these are directly connected with spending client’s money, and you have to have enough depth knowledge over the advertisement. So, keep in mind that PPC service selling is not as easy as people say but with classical learning, it can be the best one.

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